Eternity collars

Eternity Collars

The eternity collar, which as far as I have heard originated in the gor novels, symbolizes a real commitment to one's master/mistress. Some people also use them as a very nice and functional, simplistic and elegant, form of neck jewelry. our eternity collars are made of 100% stainless steel, including the hinge pin and the connecting screw, making them fully water immersible, without fear of rust. included with each collar is an additional screw, and 2 keys, one of which will be shaped to fit on a key-ring. each collar is made to fit the individual it is intended for, so we will need neck measurements for the individual, and i offer a couple of sizes/weights of stainless are offered, for a more dainty person, or one unused to wearing solid metal, or for a person who wants something that is really a statement. also some sizes just fit better with the size of the neck. but enough of my rambling, on to the pictures!

this is a close-up view of the screw used to secure the collar

and a picture of the hinge the collar pivots on, with pin and everything

finally an overview shot of the entire collar

note from the maker on ordering, etc. all collars are hand-made in the dragon cutlery workshop, including hand filing and much painstaking work, so each is a piece of art! as each collar is made for the individual, we do not have these "in stock" and as such expect two to three weeks turn around time after payment is received, depending on the current work load. at the moment we can make collars using 1/4 inch, 5/16 inch, and 3/8 inch round stock stainless or mild steel just ask. the 5/16th and larger stock can have the brass inlaid into them, while the quarter inch looks more "jewelry-like" and is more passable in vanilla society.

Prices as follows and include shipping for the lower 48:
1/4 inch runs $68
5/16 inch runs $73
3/8 inch runs $83

please measure the neck with a soft tape with the head turned to the left or right as we have found that the neck seams to change size when measured this way and this will give the right base measurement from witch i add about 1.5 inches to allow for room to move in the new collar if you want it looser or tighter please let me know when contacting me also please let me know if the measurments you give me are with or without the added room so i know if i need to add to them
or you may form a length of wire in a ring till its were you would like it to sit size wise and then measure that
email for info/orders